ALPCA Chesapeake Region

The regional chapter of the Automobile License Plate Collectors' Association in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, D.C. 


Other ALPCA sites

1957-59 New Jersey passenger
2002 Nebraska passenger
The mother ship. 
Arizona License Plate Society
An ALPCA region, despite the name. 
Colonial Region
The region for New England and New York, excluding Long Island. 
Garden State Region
Our neighbor to the northeast, covering New Jersey. 
Mid-America Plate Association
This ALPCA region serves the greater Chicago area. 
Silver State Region
The region for Nevada. 
Utah - This is the Place Region
'Nuff said. 

Selected ALPCA members' individual web sites

Sites covering all 50 states and/or the world

1969 Illinois passenger
Lebanon passenger
Full coverage of U.S., Canadian, and Mexican passenger car plates from 1969 to the present. 
The Francoplaque License Plate Collectors site
A huge worldwide plate site. 
License Plates of the World
An extensive site with pictures of plates from all over the planet. 
The Plate Shack
A vast site site with thousands of pictures of U.S. plates. 

Sites focused on Mid-Atlantic states

1959 Washington, D.C. passenger
2000 Pennsylvania apportioned truck
Everything you ever wanted to know about license plates in the nation's capital. 
The Delaware 3000
A photo collection of the lowest-numbered Delaware plates in use. 
Rick Kretschmer's License Plate Archives
Extensive coverage of Maryland plate history; also Pennsylvania and North Carolina.
An attempt to photograph every Maryland organizational and military plate type. 
Jim Moini's License Plates
Great photo gallery and detailed New Jersey plate history. 
NC Plates
Some useful info about distinguishing between North Carolina car and truck plates. 
Andrew Pang's License Plate Home Page
Lots of pics from D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, including current designs and porcelains. 
Extensive photo gallery of Pennsylvania plates representing nearly every year, type, and numbering format. 

Other links pages with more links to plate sites

1980 Alaska charitable exempt vehicle

The web pages listed below have much more extensive listings of links to license plate-related web sites. 

Rick's Clicks
Organized by the state, country, plate type, or other focus of each site. 
ALPCA Member Web Sites
May be sorted by either members' names or membership numbers.  (This page is unfortunately restricted to ALPCA members only – user ID and password are required to access.) 
Links to other License Plate Websites
Arranged alphabetically by the collectors' names, with brief descriptions of each site.  Hasn't been updated since 2010, so expect lots of broken links.